Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Cosmas supports an Aberration

We've recently got back from a week in a French Benedictine monastery which was huge fun and where we decided to get this blog going.

Not being monks, we spent most of our time sampling the local wine, having banquet upon banquet prepared by Mother Mary Henrietta, formerly of Heston Blumenthal's "Fat Duck" and being summoned at the last minute to this canon's blow out or that curé's soireé. Fr Nadab and Dom Abihu who are resident at the monastery were wonderfully kind to us all week and were, together, our main source of entertainment.

We did also spend some time in the choir stalls and singing and serving for mass during which time Cosmas discovered the Usus Antiquior. Not being steeped in decrepitude, he failed to see that this was an aberration and that since it was sacred to an earlier generation it has to be thrown out for fear of being consistent. He has been sent to Fr Bugnini, parish priest of St Ample, Oxted, for a remedial course in "Vision and Spirit of Vatican 2" sponsored by "A.C.T.A." ("Attitudes Contrary to Teaching Authority").
A rare picture of Dom Abihu in his youth

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