Friday, 13 September 2013

Fr Blake

Fr Blake was recently grossly misrepresented by his local paper, The Argus. I struggle to believe that a person who writes for a living could misunderstand Fr Blake's blogpost encouraging the rest of us to work more closely with the homeless quite as dramatically as one would have to in order to write an article quite like his. I suspect that the misrepresentation was deliberate and malicious and intended to damage not only a fine, diligent worker in the vineyard of the Lord, but also to damage the Catholic Church. We hope very much that Fr Blake ends up with some financial compensation for this defamation and is able to use it for a holiday or something like that. If the journalist in question was not in fact being malicious, perhaps he might consider a profession better suited to his reading ability.

It saddens me that consistent response of the blogosphere to support Fr Blake in what must be a trying time was not replicated so quickly or absolutely in other areas of the Church.
By Damian

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