Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Damian Appointed Exorcist

Damian has long thought that there was something not quite right about the Harry Potter books and with the arrival of some Americans he's finally got the opportunity to do something about it. Americans have such a good track record on sorting out other nations' problems. Since they've come with holy water, we are assuming they must be Catholic. Thus we've quickly coughed up our $49 for a DVD and $1795 for the "warrior level" course at the Rev'd Bob Larson's "International School of Exorcism". These courses, taught by the Rev'd Bob, follow a curriculum accredited by the Spiritual Freedom Churches run by none other than the Rev'd Bob.

To be accepted onto the course Damian had to first undergo an exorcism himself for which he had to donate £200. The course is especially recommended for people who are new to Christianity, particularly if they are impressionable, dim-witted, or at Cambridge. The Rev'd Bob is amply qualified to run this academic course, having been called 'the world's foremost exorcist' by the Spiritual Freedom Churches, run by the Rev'd Bob. It has been suggested by those who do not follow the Rev'd Bob's courses or the denomination he has invented that there should be some sort of psychology involved in his courses or even, since Christ cast out demons, that he should leave exorcisms to the sacramental priesthood of alter christi in which he does not believe.

Cosmas has pointed out that maybe the devil is more intelligent than to use a book about magic to infect people with a love for magic. Cosmas has said that Damian should read C S Lewis's Screwtape Letters to really learn about the devil. You can get that for £5.75 and free delivery in the UK with Amazon. Beats Bob Larson's work not only in that they retail for between £7.79 and £60.59, but also that they have thoughts in them.
Triumph of Saint Damian
We look forward to watching the BBC's documentary tomorrow, although we can't help but remember that these young girls and others who are involved in Mr Larson's activities either cause unnecessary pain to people in real spiritual danger or, far more often, inflict further psychological damage on people who are already mentally ill. He should leave exorcism to the people who have 2000 years' experience in the matter, and psychological help to qualified professionals. That he compares himself to a health professional is obscene and dangerous. It would be good to know if he could be got under the Trades Description Act in the United Kingdom.

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