Monday, 12 May 2014

Black Mass

After singing Compline this evening in College, we prayed the prayer to St Michael for the spiritual safety of our fellow students in Harvard who took part in a black mass yesterday. I am proud to be a member of a Church where we take the Lord seriously when He talks about the devil, but just as seriously when He talks about loving our enemies and, since the faithful of Harvard prayed before the blessed sacrament, when He talks about giving us his flesh to eat.

Oh, you're summoning the forces of hatred? I've got just the thing for that.
We also prayed to Our Lady of Fatima on the vigil of her feast for the well being and success of our beloved Fr Robert Byrne of the Oratory in our fair city of spires, to whom we wish a bittersweet farewell today as he is ordained bishop for service as an auxiliary to an old member of our University.

(Saw this on Facebook today but can't remember who to credit...)

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