Thursday, 3 April 2014

Obeying Pius XI today

Papa Ratti is not impressed by your heretical fascism.
Pius XI is one of my favourite popes. His encyclicals condemning fascism, Non Abbiamo Bisogno and Mit Brennender Sorge form part of the ordinary magisterium of the Church and as such one sees the protection of Christ against the errors of fascism. Once again, it is becoming necessary to act on these now fairly elderly encyclicals. As economic uncertainty has waxed, so too has the fascist movement in the United Kingdom, with the English Defence League as its vanguard. Any organization that needs to assert that it is neither racist nor violent ought to raise one's heckles. The EDL has recently released a survey online. It seems a good opportunity to put the doctrines expressed by Pius XI in the two aforementioned encyclicals into practice... by spamming them into irrelevance. To spam the fascist beast, follow this here link. Creativity warmly recommended.

Nationalism which is false and exaggerated, as well as dangerous to true peace and prosperity.
(Divini illius magistri)

Maybe this might solve some EDL related problems.

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