Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Let the toastie brown, and the heretic burn

Cosmas here. The chaos of term (two essays a week bleuuuurgh) has prevented me from being particularly vocal, but my translation can now wait: it's text-a-toastie time again.

After very few hours sleep, much coffee, and plenteous reading on the image of the Virgin Mary in erotic medieval German poetry, I'm bloody starved. But thanks be to the God of all consolation, who allows this inhabitant of Oxford's own bastion of Catholicism to end what has been a strenuous day discussing Wagner's sexuality avec Damien with a decadent combination of my two all time favourite pass times: eating food and toasting protestants.

But where to start? The cornerstone of all protestant theology is 'sola scriptura'. The end of all protestant theology is the laws of logic. I'll start there.


  1. I am minded of Lady Whiteadder's statement

    'Cold is God's way of telling us to burn more Catholics.'

  2. So, how did it go? Did you get a toastie, or did the the CU take up Lady Whiteadder's philosophy?